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Stroke in a sink: avoid the perils of hazardous shampooing.

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Avoid the perils of hazardous shampooing

Sometimes a visit to the hair salon can result in more damage than just a bad haircut, The neck straining posture you're in at the shampoo sink may actually limit blood flow to the brain, causing dizziness and sometimes even a Stroke.

According to Michael I. Weintraub, clinical professor of neurology at New York Medical College, that hyperextended pose can put a squeeze on the vertebral arteries, which carry blood to the brain, It's believed that repeated stress can create clot causing damage, upping the risk of stroke in rare cases (Letter, Journal of the American Medical Association, April 28 and Sept. 8, 1993).

And though it's called "Beauty Parlor Stroke," those getting styles aren't the only ones vulnerable "Painting a ceiling, sitting through long bouts of dental work and even checking whether you can back into a parking space can all push your neck to harmful extremes," says Dr. Weintraub. "Anyone who feels dizziness with a certain neck motion is at risk." In a soon to be published study, he found that more than 70 percent of the time a neck position created reduced blood flow, the patient felt lightheaded. The doctor's advice: Know your range and avoid tilting your head beyond it. "Fifteen degrees forward or back (or at the first feeling of a pulling or discomfort) is about the limit for most people," he says. You can wash away the risk by shampooing your hair before you go and letting your stylist spritz it wet again.

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